Monday, December 7, 2009

Review: Sleek Graphite palette

no base was used when swatching

I won this amazing Sleek Graphite palette from the awesome Sarah over at I Heart Cosmetics. When i found out i won i was beyond excited, because well i have been reading rave reviews on Sleek makeup. I am so sad that Sleek is not sold in the states at this time. I am official addicted and want to get my hands on all of the palettes some time soon hopefully.

On too the review. The packaging is black plastic and a perfect size to store in your kit. Each eyeshadow pan is about the size of a US nickle and there are 12 different shades ranging from highlilght, grays, black, and purples. I was most excited about this palette because i don't own any gray shadows.
The shadows are amazingly pigmented. I can't believe it is sold in drugstores. If you haven't got your hands on any of the Sleek cosmtics, I highly urge you too.


Julissa said...

Those are definitely awesome! I had heard about them for the first time...I guess sometime last year and was so sad they didn't sell them here. They seem so amazing. Maybe since they're getting Max Factor out of the states, they'll bring over Sleek!

witoxicity said...

Congratulations on the win! And to win the Sleek Graphite palette too! Awesome. I haven't got any Sleek palettes myself (not easily available here). I love this Graphite one. The colours are so up my alley! Enjoy!