Friday, October 30, 2009

Tag: Kreativ Blogger

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I was tagged by Aqua-Heart, so if you aren't following her blog yet, then what are you waiting for?

1. I use to bite my nails until they where little nubs. That all change when i found my love for nail polishes.

2. I named my daughter after Scarlett O'Hara

3. The Thing Called Love is my favorite film, and i still miss River Phoenix!

4. I've been to the top of the Eiffel Tower both in Paris and Las Vegas.

5. I want to audition for Top Chef even though I'm not a real chef

6. I'm going to be 29 years old in January and I'm sad about this..I can't believe I'm almost 30!! I'm gonna go cry now!

7. I got my first tattoo at 18 and my dad STIll doesn't know i have any tattoos, i have 12 so far!

I nominate these fabulous blogger!

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Lipstick Rules

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Robert Smith's Mistress Makeup Wonderland

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

NOTD: Purple with Multi Cheetah Spots

I used:

Nail Tek Foundation II
Orly Sec 'n Dry
Zoya in Pinta (LOVE LOVE)
China Glaze in Solar Power
Orly in Sol Cabana
Orly in Mint Mojito
N.Y.C. in Fuchsia Shock
Stripe Rite in Black

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch: Showing off the kids!!

The husband and i took the kids to a pumpkin patch this weekend. I always love going to these and getting to see all different kinds of pumpkins! Our daughter Scarlett who is 2 1/2 wanted to pick up every single one and our son Zane could have cared less what we were doing. Here are a few photos of the kids and some pumpkins!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twice Tagged!!

I was tagged by Deb from The Vinyl Word and Other Musings to choose 7 things in the color she wants (purple) and add a brief explanation of the items.

1. purple post its! I use them all the time around the house to leave little reminders for me or the husband.

2. China Glaze's Flying Dragon nail polish. This is love, it is one of my fave purple polishes.

3. M.A.C. lipstick in Fashion Mews from the Hello Kitty collection. I wore this shade a lot this summer. It is so pretty and shimmery.

4. M.A.C. pigment in Full Force Violet. I love this shade. One of my fave purples to use, very pigment but a little hard to blend..i have a love hate relationship with matte

5. Nicole Miller purse from JcPenny. My mom bought this for me last year to use while i was at an LWML (Lutheran Woman's Missionary League) convention.

6. Purple Old Navy top. The photo makes it look more blueish purple, but it's really deep purple and i love to pair it with a black skirt and high heels.

7. Ok this purple comb i have seriously had since i was in high school. I graduated 10 years you can only imagine how long i have had it. I love this comb!!

I tag everyone who hasn't done it! And the color i choose is orange!

I was awarded the Honest Scrap award by the lovely A Bouquet of Beauty. You have to tell 10 honest things about yourself.

1. I actually enjoy watching iCarly..I'm going on 29 i know this is a little sad.

2. I've never had a pedicure because i don't want strangers to touch my feet.

3. I ate an entire large pizza by myself while i was pregnant with my son..and i wonder how i gained

4. I have an addiction to the drink Sunkist. I crave it all the time.

5. When i was younger i thought i was adopted because my parents were much older than my friends parents.

6. I sneak drinks and candy into the movies.

7. I'm conservative when it comes to politics.

8. I didn't think i wanted to have boys until the day my son was born..but i was wrong...that little man stole my heart.

9. I'm going to buy my daughter the Barbie Dream House for her birthday..Not because she want's it but because i always wanted one when i was younger and never got one.

10. "I hate coconut..not the flavor the consistency" If you have seen Zombieland you might know this quote. This is completely true for me.

I award:

The Vinyl Word and Other Musings

The Makeup Snob

Combo Soup


They've Created A Monster

Monday, October 19, 2009

SOTD: Black and White Vans

I have about 50 pairs of shoes give or take a pair. Nothing high end or to expensive. The most expensive pair of shoes are a pair of Uggs that I've had for over 10 years and haven't worn in years. I always find myself wearing the same pair of black Reef flip flops for almost every occasion lately. I live in South Texas and we have beach weather all year. So I decided to challenge myself to shop my closest and where a different pair of shoes every day.

Today i had to run errands around town with both my little ones in tow, so that means my shoes needed to be comfy. I was very casual today wearing jeans and a black fitted t-shirt. Today's shoes are one of my faves that i haven't worn in over a year. My black and white girl Vans. How many pair of shoes do you have? How many of them do you actually wear? I think this is a fun idea to get some use out of the shoes you may not have a chance to wear that often.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

NOTD: Black and White

I was having some fun with my nail art polishes. This is a very simple and easy design to do. You can use any colors you have.

Use 2 different colors of polish. Paint stripes at an angle on your nails. Once you are done with that take a clear polish and brush on a thin layer over the stripes to make them wet. Working quickly take a needle/toothpick and drag across the opposite direction you painted the stripes. Apply a top coat once you are finished.

I used:

Nail Tek Foundation II basecoat

Stripe Rite in Black

L.A. Colors Art Deco in White

Orly in Love Each Other

Orly Sec n Dry

M.A.C. Style Black

The Style Black collection from M.A.C. is the first
collection in a long time that i was excited about. It seems I'm not alone in this. I was not disappointed by any of the products. The MES are amazing and of course have fallout, but the color pay off when paired with the greasepaint stick is to die for! I picked up Young Punk MES, Night Violet Mattene, Black Knight lipstick, Black greasepaint stick, Blackware and Blackfire glimmerglasses. The glimmerglasses are on the sheer side, but are nice to deepen the color of lighter lipsticks. How amazing is the greasepaint stick? I'm in love with it. Also how cool is the hidden sharpener? Some have compared it to Sharkskin shadestick, but i think this is way better. The greasepaint stick is easier to work with, deeper color and stays
put once dry.

I can't wait to start playing with the products. Since I love Young Punk MES so much I think I will have to go and get the other 3 MES. If I don't I know I will regret

What did you get from the collection? Were you excited, disappointed?

Swatches: Black Knight l/s, Blackware Glimmerglass, Blackfire Glimmerglass
Black Greasepaint stick, Night Violet Mattene
Young Punk
MES (no base) Young Punk over greasepaint stick