Saturday, July 18, 2009

How many lipsticks do you have?

Early today Lipstick Rules posted a blog about how she counted her lippe stash after reading someone else blog and it got me thinking as well. So i took all the lipsticks and glosses out of their drawer. I seriously thought i only had maybe 20-30 glosses and knew i would have a few more lipsticks. I was shocked when i counted to find i had 59 lipglosses and 61 lipsticks.. that's a lot for me lol. So i don't see how i need any more lippes cause I'm sure i have almost ever color that i need.

I think i will join in the challenge and start to wear a different lip color combo everyday.

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Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

I'll support you if you support me :-)

It is interesting to count eh? It's been a reality check for me.

What I'm planning to do is list my lippies for the week and then take photos every day and then a 'week in review' by next weekend. We'll see if I last.

Thanks for the mention Mama Jen!