Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MAC Love That Look

I must have forgotten that this collection came out. I didn't buy any of the e/s the first time Starflash was released..i just didn't feel any of them at the time. However, this time around I'm FEELING quite a few of them.

But i need some one to tell me NOT to buy Rated "R" e/s. Greens always call my name. I was looking at my ever growing collection of green e/s last night and counted 8 e/s that look pretty much like Rated "R". I have MAC's Eyepopping, Bitter, Overgrown and NARS Rated R due just to name a few. So i know i really don't need it but oh how i want it.

As of right now i think i will only get Fashion, One-off and Strike and Pose. That's all i need right?


Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

The formulation of these shadows are AMAZING so I'm the wrong person to tell you not to buy. LOL. You see, I would tell you to get it it all! That's what I almost did last year with Starflash.

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

If you have all those, you dont need it! The texture is nice but your gonna get basically the same look my friend! Im really trying to be the voice of reason for you since Michelle is going the opposite direction up above! hahaha!!!


twinsouls888 said...

My comment about your lipstick & lip glosses collection is just one word, OMG! I like your blog, I followed you :)

twinsouls888 said...

I think Sara (The Makeup Snob) is right ahaha. You don't need it anymore. If you already have thesame color e/s then you don't need it for now. Just tell yourself not for now maybe next year ahaha ^_^

Tnx for droppin' by my blog girl, appreciate it a lot. I'm pretty sure you & your husband did have a good laugh watching The Hangover movie. :)

Yi said...

hello, darling, just popped into your blog and I must say you dont very need that Rated R, because I went to Mac today and brought Rated R, one-off, and Glamour ChecK. When i back home and compared with my Nars Rated r duo e/s, they are really almost similar, so if you have narss, well save that $$ :D

One-off is amazing green colour thou, but if you also have similar,well then save tat $$ too. :)

And I was thinking get to Fashion too,but ending up getting the Glamour ChecK, cos it is more wearable for me. but still, i might get it later........IoI

And nice blog, feel free to come by mine if you wish to:)

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