Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nail Tek Foundation II Base Coat

Nail Tek Foundation II, ridge-filling base coat has saved my nails. My nails are on the weak side. They peel and break all the time. I have been using Nail Tek for over a week and I have already noticed a difference. So I can only imagine how great my nails will be in a month.

Nail Tek Foundation II fills in the gaps where i have ridges and leaves a smooth surface for easy application of polish.

Another great use for this product is to use it at a topcoat to matte out any polish. I wish i had photos to post, but i will take some the next time i do my nails. Really you can use any ridge filling base coat as a matte top coat for the most part. I have used a few other brands and they have all given me the same results.

You can purchase Nail Tek at for $4.99, that is about half the price. I really suggest this for people that have peeling nails because it makes them stronger and less likely to peel.


Kalmo said...

Great review! I really wanted to buy this after reading reviews on MUA but I bought the wrong one when I was at the store... I got Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy, which sucks! haha I need to finish it so I can get the base coat. :)

Mama Jen said...

I have the Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy as well but i haven't used it yet..I was able to get both for $4.99 at Marshals a couple weeks ago. I just can't believe how strong my nails are after just a short time of using.