Thursday, October 1, 2009

M.A.C. Style Black

The Style Black collection from M.A.C. is the first
collection in a long time that i was excited about. It seems I'm not alone in this. I was not disappointed by any of the products. The MES are amazing and of course have fallout, but the color pay off when paired with the greasepaint stick is to die for! I picked up Young Punk MES, Night Violet Mattene, Black Knight lipstick, Black greasepaint stick, Blackware and Blackfire glimmerglasses. The glimmerglasses are on the sheer side, but are nice to deepen the color of lighter lipsticks. How amazing is the greasepaint stick? I'm in love with it. Also how cool is the hidden sharpener? Some have compared it to Sharkskin shadestick, but i think this is way better. The greasepaint stick is easier to work with, deeper color and stays
put once dry.

I can't wait to start playing with the products. Since I love Young Punk MES so much I think I will have to go and get the other 3 MES. If I don't I know I will regret

What did you get from the collection? Were you excited, disappointed?

Swatches: Black Knight l/s, Blackware Glimmerglass, Blackfire Glimmerglass
Black Greasepaint stick, Night Violet Mattene
Young Punk
MES (no base) Young Punk over greasepaint stick


LionLovingTiger said...

Ohh I didn't realise there was a sharpener with the greasesticks - handy to know!

I picked up the black and purple greasesticks, Young Punk and then the two lippies from DSquared... Young Punk is really gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Great haul! I was admiring the Greasepaint stick as well, but I wasn't sure how much use I would get out of it. It's beautiful. All of the MES were gorgeous. I saw a swatches of them foiled with a little Fix+ and they were to die for.

Cassie said...

I just got my haul in the mail today! I can't wait to take pics of it and try it out. I have been going gaga over Young Punk and Blue Flame. Can't wait to put something together!

Kalmo said...

Nice haul! Thanks for the swatches. I love your black and white NOTD, so hip!

Kalmo said...


For those blackhead/whitehead removal tool, I'm still working out the kinks of how to use it properly but I just run the whitehead (bent angle side) against the sides of my nose to remove the whiteheads (need to really steam your face first or take a hot shower though). The flat blackhead side is a little harder to use and people have said it hurts. I just press it under a blackhead (a mature blackhead that is actually black) and push it out... then a gross plug of oil comes out haha. Sorry for all the gross details, please check out the reviews on MUA for better details.

Anonymous said...

Hey doll

Love what you got!

I went wild with the collection also and like you said it is the first collection from MAC I have been excited about in ages.

I picked up all of the MES... I just felt I needed them in my life!!!



Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

Jen. I love what you go... yes you need more mes... lol... not enabling... just saying! haha. So pretty. I didnt get the blue one casue I feel funny wearing blues these days as much as I love them

I love the greasepaint stick... these have got to be coming out perm dont you think... especially since they have been discontinuing so many of the shadesticks... what do you think... I only bought one cause I already have a bajillion bases...

anyway! Cant wait for you to use your stuff and share the looks!! I am loving the collection... way more than I thought I would!

Angela said...

i love this collection too.
especially the eyeshadows. they are so pretty.

and im a new follower and love your blog.