Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MAC Love That Look collection

MAC Love That Look collection was released a couple weeks ago. I was finally able to check out the collection this past weekend in person. The eyeshadow's in the collection are the Starflash formula. A few of the colors were repromotes from the original release of Starflash last year.

I was disappointed in the color range of this collection. However, with that said IMO i think Starflash is the BEST formula MAC has to offer..they really need to make it permanent. Most of the colors in this collection are dupe able, but the only one that left home with me was One-Off. I am a lover all all green eyeshadow. One-Off is described as a mid tone green with silver pearl. I love it!!

When i went home i swatched a bunch of my green eyeshadow to make sure i didn't have anything that was exactly the same. I found that One-Off is the love child of Urban Decays Graffiti and MAC's Gulf Stream.

L-R: Urban Decay Graffiti, MAC One_Off, MAC Gulf Stream

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