Thursday, August 20, 2009

Review: Beyond The Zone Get'n Creamed

I picked this up to replace my empty bottle of Bed Head's After Party. I have nothing but good thing's to say about this product. It is about half the price of the Bed Head one at $6.50 for 3.4 oz. I have short to medium hair and all i need is one pump. I use this product after i have styled my hair to smooth out the end and add some shine. I think this hair care product is just as good as Bed Heads After party and since it is cheaper that is a plus in my book.

It does everything it says it will. I will definitely be buying this one again. You can pick it up at your local Sally's Beauty Supply. If you are a card member you can get it a little cheaper too.


Kalmo said...

Thanks for the review again! I'm glad that it's working out for you. Those Beyone the Zone have the same color look as Bed Heads products too. XD

Burlesque Show Beauty said...

I should try this! Thanks for the review