Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review: Orly Nail Treatments

I love doing my nails...painting them a single color or going crazy with a fun design. However my hands are abused. They are always wet or digging into my purse/diaper bag, etc...

I use to think that base coats and top coats were just a waste of money. I never used them until a couple of years ago. I have tried many different ones and found them to fail me.

Lately I've been using the combination of Orly Bonder base coat and Sec n Dry topcoat. On the back it claims that it was help your polish to last 2 weeks....well that's not true for me, but this is the best combination i like so far.

Bonder is a great base for my polishes and allows them to go on smooth. Sec' n Dry can be a little tricky i find. With any fast drying topcoat you need to apply while your polish is wet..this is an important step in the process so don't wait for the last coat of polish to dry.

Like i said before my hands are severally put to work daily. I have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 4 month old. Giving them baths, myself, washing dishes, laundry and the list goes on of my daily work. So as you can imagine if my nail polish lasts the day it is a miracle. With this combination my polish has lasted 4 days with only slight tip wear..this is a MIRACLE in my book.

Orly Bonder and Sec n Dry can be purchased at Sally's for $5.99 with card.


Yi said...

I think i will give them a try if i can find them in my near counter :)xx

Park Avenue said...

I've never tried the Sec n Dry, but I do use the Orly Bonder. At first I didn't see any difference in the time my polish would last, but now I do.

I've been shopping @ Sally's a lot lately. It's time for me to sign up for one of those cards!