Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review: Essie Nail Treatments

L-R: Good to Go, Apricot cuticle oil, Fill the Gap, First Base

I purchased these Essie nail treatments at my local grocery store for 99 cents a piece. I thought this was a great way to test out a few of Essie nail treatments without forking over the full price. Essie nail treatments can range in price from $8-10 depending on where you are purchasing them.

First off, Good to Go fast drying topcoat is AMAZING...it dried really fast within 5 minutes you could touch, but still of course don't go rubbing your nails really hard. 10-15 minutes later my nails were completely dry and there was no creasing or imprints. Left my nails shinny and pretty. This particular topcoat does not have a high shine or glossy look.

Essie Apricot cuticle oil is the best thing to happen to my nails. I had never used this before. The first time i tried it out, i put a little over my cuticles and rubbed it in. It left my cuticles super soft . Side note i have really dry hands and nails. This is a must have if you want to keep your cuticles looking great between manicures.

Fill in the ridge disappointed me. I do not buff out my ridges because my nails are on the thin side. I have been looking for a ridge filler that would work for me and this one is not it. Ridge fillers can be used instead a regular base coat. First of all it did not even out my nail bed and when used as a base coat it made my nail polish drag and impossible to apply. It was a mess.

First Base base coat is one of the best base coats i have ever used. After applying it and letting it dry i applied my nail polish. My nail polish has never applied smoother in my life. This is another product i will be buying when i have finished with the sample size.


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Jaimie said...

essie and zoya are my new favorite polishes! I'll have to check this out