Thursday, August 20, 2009

Review: Beyond the Zone Turn Up the Heat flat iron protection spray

I am one who likes to find a less expensive alternative to a product i love. I picked this heat protection spray up on a trip to Sally's to see how it worked. I used very little of this product but it left my hair VERY oily looking. I was not impressed with this product. I've used it for a while to see if it really does protect my hair from heat and in my opinion it doesn't. My hair seems to be drier and frayed on the ends than before. I will not be purchasing this product again.


Kalmo said...

Aww sorry to hear you this product not working for you. I was thinking about buying it when I go home because Emily Noel, a famous youtube guru, rec. it but now I'm not so sure! I also need to look into heat protection more seriously

Aquaheart said...

I bought this product when a while ago and yeah I dont really like it either. I mean it will work if you apply a tiny bit, but if you barely put too much, your hair is soo oily. So I agree!

Great post!! :D